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At Redeemer, we believe that God’s word from the Bible within the context of personal relationships equals huge potential for growth and life transformation. As you engage with other adults in a group setting, you will experience the kinds of connections that go beneath the surface as you learn along with others how to live a gospel-centered life. With different kinds of groups to choose from, you’ll be able to discover the right fit for you and your schedule and have numerous opportunities for relevant Bible study, meaningful discussion, genuine encouragement, prayer support, and ministry involvement.

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All of our groups are designed to help you love God, love people and grow in your relationship with Christ.

These mid-sized environments provide a great way to learn about God's word in a warm and easy-to-join environment. Click here to find out more about the classes currently being offered. 

Whether you're looking for a Community Group, a Men's Group, a Women's Group or Divorce Care, you can find more info and sign up here

I'd like to be in a group, but what about my kids?

To help parents with children participate in discipleship groups, Redeemer wants to help offset the cost for each week they utilize childcare in order to attend a group. It's important to note that Redeemer only reimburses parents; it does not select, hire, or pay babysitters and does not provide IRS Form 1099 to either parents or babysitters. Parents must be attending a group registered with Redeemer to be eligible. 

If the group you're in has decided it's best for parents to arrange for their own care individually, please click HERE.

If the group you're in has decided it's best to arrange for care as a group, please click HERE.

For questions about childcare reimbursement, please contact Matt Farlow.




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If you have additional questions about Adults at Redeemer please Email Us or call Matt Farlow at 281-371-2156.