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The Mistreated, Marginalized Believer

There have been recently in the news reports of how Christians have been marginalized, mistreated, and in some cases, killed, because of their faith in Jesus Christ. These accounts should create in us a sobered understanding of the times in which we live as well as a commitment to pray for God’s grace to these mistreated believers and their families. However, there is one thing these reports should never produce in our lives…fear.

We believe in a God who is Sovereign, exercising complete power and authority over any and all people and groups in His creation. We believe in Jesus Christ, who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, One who Himself has suffered mistreatment and injustice and has emerged from it victorious. Following Jesus may not always be the smooth ride we might hope it to be, but may our response be the same as Peter and the other apostles in Acts 5:41-42…a profound joy at being identified with Jesus and an unflagging commitment to tell anybody who will listen about the amazing promise of new life in Jesus Christ!