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The Most Ridiculous Sin

Years ago I heard that Chuck Swindoll, one of my favorite Christian leaders, was going to be preaching at our church up in Denton, Texas. As I began to look forward to hearing him preach, I heard that the title of his sermon was “Our Most Ridiculous Sin,” which only made me anticipate hearing him preach even more! That evening, Swindoll had us open up our Bibles to Luke 12:22-34 and revealed the sin that he thought as the most ridiculous sin of all: worry. Our tendency to be anxious and stress out and get all worked up is what he termed our most ridiculous sin. Why is it ridiculous? Why is it so non-sensical, absurd, foolish? That night Swindoll pointed to two reasons. First, because by worry we cannot add anything to our lives (Luke 12:25)…worry doesn’t do us any good! Second, worry only obscures the fact that all we have comes from a loving Father who is good and aware of all of our needs and faithful to provide for us. He ended with the point that if worry is our most ridiculous sin, then the wisest and most potent antidote to worry is trust.

I heard that sermon over 20 years ago and yet, to this day, this is a lesson that I need to hear and put into practice! In today’s uncertain times, I’m sure that many of us have felt that pull toward worry or anxiety. May we as God’s children through the gospel look more and more to our Father in Heaven. Jesus said, “And do not seek what you shall eat, and what you shall drink, and do not keep worrying. For all these things the nations of the world eagerly seek, but your Father knows that you need these things. But seek for His kingdom, and these things shall be added to you” (Luke 12:29-31).