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We're Hiring a Full-Time Kids Director

We're looking to bring a new Kids Director onto our team. Below you'll find the Job Description and a way to express your interest.

Role: The role of this full-time staff position is that of Kids Ministry Director, providing direct leadership to both the Preschool and Elementary Kids of Redeemer Community Church, equipping God’s people at Redeemer to help kids joyfully follow Jesus and help others do the same; also, partnering with parents to equip and encourage them as the primary spiritual influences in their kids’ lives. This full-time Director will be expected to develop leaders throughout the ministry to grow their potential and help execute the plans of the Director.

Reports to: Lead Pastor

We're looking for a person who...

  • Senses God's calling to develop and lead a life-giving ministry to Redeemer’s preschool and elementary children, as well as to their parents
  • Demonstrates character consistent with the ideals the New Testament lays out in texts like Galatians 5:22-23 and Colossians 3:12-14 (We're not looking for perfection, but direction!)
  • Has proven competent in leading or serving in an effective ministry, preferably Kids Ministry, but not exclusively (We hope for a person who can cast vision, recruit and develop volunteers/leaders, rally the troops, etc.)
  • Resonates with the vision-culture of Redeemer Community Church. (We want a person who’s in harmony with our mission, values, strategy, and marks.)
  • Shows potential for relational chemistry with our existing leadership (We obviously hope for a good team player who's easy to get along with!)

We want to always seek to answer the question, "What's the very best way, at this time, in this context, to disciple our kids to joyfully follow Jesus and help others do the same?" Therefore, a major responsibility will be developing and implementing a contextualized plan to grow our kids in accordance with the vision of Redeemer. Still, at this time, it seems the position will include at least the following:

  • Develop and implement a contextualized plan to grow/disciple our kids in accordance with the vision of Redeemer.
  • Attend staff meetings and help integrate Kids Ministry into the overall vision of Redeemer Community.
  • Build a Kids Ministry Team to help develop leaders, equip volunteers, and implement the overall Kids Ministry plan.
  • Choose curriculum for each hour of Sunday services (9:15 a.m. Sunday School Hour and 10:30 a.m. Worship Hour) appropriate to each age level.
  • Recruit, train, and consistently develop a volunteer base to teach our Kids Ministry classes on Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings (right now we do not have a Wednesday evening program), and any and all special events needing care for children.
  • Oversee the paid childcare staff – hiring and supervising.
  • Train volunteers and paid staff on Ministry Safe ( practices and ensure those practices are followed.
  • Copy and distribute lessons for Sunday morning, and prepare supplies needed for each lesson.
  • Maintain accurate attendance records for Sundays and follow up with absent families when appropriate.
  • Plan and execute special events like Easter and Christmas activities for Kids, Date Nights, Parent Summits, etc., as well as “smaller” gatherings like preschool and elementary play-dates and get-togethers.
  • Serve as Redeemer’s lead liaison for Pine Cove Camp in the City in June of each year.
  • Launch and lead Vacation Bible School in July of each year (Redeemer hasn’t done VBS in over 10 years, but we hope to launch in 2019.).
  • Follow up with visiting families.
  • Maintain a balanced budget for Kids Ministry and purchase supplies as needed.
  • Provide parents with strategic opportunities throughout the year to encourage and equip them in their role as the primary spiritual influence in their kids’ lives. This could be books, sermons, podcasts, etc., as well as hosting equipping seminars/summits for parents.
  • Maintain the Kids Ministry section on
  • NOTE: Redeemer has hopes of one day starting a weekday Preschool. Our Kids Ministry Director may well provide initial leadership and ongoing oversight to this initiative. 

This description should account for 80% of your time. The other 20% is dedicated to using gifts that we are currently unaware of, but would serve the church.


You can download a PDF of this Job Description by clicking HERE


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