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We're Hiring a Student Director

We're looking to bring a new Student Director onto our team. Below you'll find the Job Description and a way to express your interest.

Role: The role of this full-time staff position is that of Student Director, providing direct leadership to both the Junior and Senior High students of Redeemer Community Church, equipping them to joyfully follow Jesus and help others do the same; also, partnering with parents to equip and encourage them as the primary spiritual influences in their students’ lives.

Reports to: Lead Pastor

We're looking for a man who...

  • Senses God's calling to work with junior and senior high students, as well as their parents, at this time in his life, not looking to move on or up in the near future (We're not looking for a leader to hold this position forever [maybe you hope to plant a church one day or serve overseas; or maybe God will open up another great opportunity for you], but one who's committed to it for at least several years to come.)
  • Demonstrates that his character is consistent with the ideals Paul lays out for Elders and Deacons in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 (We're not looking for perfection, but direction!)
  • Has proven himself competent in leading or serving in an effective Student Ministry (We're hopeful to find a man with at least two years experience, though this is not mandatory.)
  • Resonates with the vision-culture of Redeemer Community Church. (We want a man who’s in harmony with our mission, values, strategy, and measures.)
  • Shows potential for relational chemistry with our existing leadership (We obviously hope for a good team player who's easy to get along with!)


We want to always seek to answer the question, "What's the very best way, at this time, in this context, to disciple our students to joyfully follow Jesus and help others do the same?" Therefore, a major responsibility will be developing and implementing a contextualized plan to grow our students in accordance with the vision of Redeemer. Still, at this time, it seems the position will include at least the following:

  • Loving Students—being available, keeping in touch, meeting needs, counseling hearts, attending events, etc. 
  • Building Teams—building at least (1) a team of adults to shepherd the students in our ministry and (2) a team of students to minister to their fellow students
  • Leading Large-Group Gatherings—overseeing Student Ministry Sunday School on Sunday mornings, along with leading Junior High’s gathering on Sunday evenings and Senior High’s gathering on Wednesday evenings (Note: This is aspirational. Right now Junior and Senior High meet together on Wednesday evenings. We are hopeful for the day, sooner than later, when it makes good sense to split them.)
  • Organizing Smaller-Group Opportunities—developing a strategy to go beyond large-group gatherings to small-group and even one-to-one shepherding/discipleship
  • Supporting and Reaching through Event Engagement—attend at least one student event (basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, lacrosse, plays, band concerts, etc.) each week to support current RSM students and build relationships with their friends; also, develop a system whereby RSM Team Members and other Redeemer volunteers are present at various student events around town. Note: the Student Director position will require being “out” at least three evenings per week: (1) Sunday Evenings for Junior High gathering [doesn’t exist right now, see above], (2) Wednesday Evenings for Senior High gathering [Junior and Senior High right now], and (3) various evenings attending student events like those noted above. Because of this, Office Hours are flexible for this position and can be negotiated.
  • Spearheading Outreach—strategizing, planning, and executing evangelism opportunities, service projects, mission trips, etc.
  • Equipping Students’ Parents—provide strategic opportunities throughout the year to encourage and equip parents in their role as the primary spiritual influence in their student’s lives. (Raising teenagers is a fight of faith—provide opportunities for parents to gather for solid content and mutual encouragement.)
  • Cultivating Fun!—shaping all of your ministry with relevant joy and craziness, as well as planning fun events, retreats, gatherings, and more.
  • We also look for each of our staff members to live the LEADERS lifestyleLeadership Development: Provide initial and ongoing training for the members of your ministry team(s). You’re responsible for doing leadership development for your team(s). Empowerment: Delegate the roles and responsibilities that ensure your ministry area(s) is operating effectively. I [Lead Pastor] don’t want you to do the work; I want you to empower others to do the work. Affirmation: Encourage your team members in the use of their gifts, their strengths, and their passions. Walk around, catch people doing things right, and always affirm them. Direction: Cast a clear and compelling vision for your area(s) of ministry that’s in alignment with the overall vision of Redeemer. Evaluation: Lead your team(s) to regular evaluations, identifying your team’s strengths, growth areas, and always working on a plan for continual improvement. Recruitment: Work with your team members to continually enlist new volunteers and adequately staff your area(s) of ministry. Soul Care: Encourage the spiritual health and spiritual development of those on your team(s).

This description should account for 80% of your time. The other 20% is dedicated to using gifts that we are currently unaware of, but would serve the church.

You can download a PDF of this Job Description by clicking HERE. Note: the PDF contains Appendix A: A Proposed Checklist for Student Ministry.


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