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Your Circle

Your Circle is your primary circle of opportunity to help others see, hear, and respond to the Gospel of Jesus. It's a call to every Christ-follower to identify those far from God where they live, work, and play; and then resolve to B.L.E.S.S. them. 


“Lord, I want to lift up the people on My Circle List to you. I know You want them to be touched with Your love. And I know You have placed me here to be a representative of Your relentless love—to help them see, hear, and respond to the Gospel. I pray You would open doors for me to talk to each one about You. But today, I specifically want to pray for _____ and _____ and _____. Would You open a door for me to spend time with them... to listen to them... and to eat with them? And Lord, please give me opportunities to serve them and share The Story. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”


Asking good questions and listening well are powerful tools in relationship building and for discovering how you might more effectively minister to those far from God.

  • What was something good about your growing up?
  • What is something important to you these days?
  • What is something you hope for in the future?
  • Was there anything hard about growing up?
  • Are there any challenges you are facing these days?
  • Is there anything about the future that makes you nervous?


People share the most interesting things about their lives over a meal—particularly if you are listening. “Jesus didn’t run projects, establish ministries, create programs, or put on events. He ate meals. If you routinely share meals and you have a passion for Jesus, then you’ll be doing mission. It’s not that meals save people. People are saved through the gospel message. But meals will create natural opportunities to share that message in a context that resonates powerfully with what you’re saying.” Tim Chester, A Meal with Jesus


The first place to start serving is with those in close proximity to you—in your circle. So often we think in terms of going on a mission trip or serving in a shelter downtown. Those things are great, but we start with right where we are. Look around—to your neighbors, to the people you work with, to those with whom you play (the gym; other parents at the kids’ ball-game), or to those whom you’re passion about. Start there. Everyone wants to do something big for the Lord, but that big thing could be right next door, in the office down the hall, or at the coffee shop you frequent.


By now you have built a close relationship and have earned the right to tell your story. Perhaps you’ve already been asked what makes you different. Whatever the case, this is your time to be more than a good neighbor and tell them the great difference God has made in your life. And as you tell your story make sure to work in The Story—the Gospel. Obviously The Story of God’s love through Jesus will be woven into your story, but try to make the Gospel message clear so that it’s understood—"God, through His Son Jesus, can change your life, too."

Want to know more about engaging Your Circle? Email Randi Long.